Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dog Tips and Secrets.

How to make your  Dog happy, healthy and obedient to your training easily and quickly!

Top trainers are mad over the disclosure of "secret" dog training tips to regular folks!
"Who Else Wants Access to the Fastest and Most Hassle-Free Methods for Training a Dog?"

Hi, I'm Dr. Nortey Omaboe from Geneva, Switzerland.  I am a veterinarian with more than 27 years of experience. I have owned and successfully trained dogs since the age of 9.  I 'm a nationally certified expert in the evaluation of dangerous dogs and I'm trained in dog psychology.  Pet owners from around the world bring their pets to me for treatment. Those are facts!
What about you? If you're like a lot of frustrated dog owners,
  -  unsuccessful house breaking has caused damage to your home...and you need dog house training, crate training, and puppy potty training that works.
  -  The dog behavior you're dealing with is worse than that of a problem child...and you need dog obedience training.
  -  A peaceful, quiet home is your dream.  But instead, you can barely deal with the endless dog need to make that dog stop barking NOW!
  -  Pedigree is contributing to problems with training your dog...and you need specific plans for Labrador training, Terrier training, or training German shepherd
  -  Your new addition has turned your household upside down.  Training puppy has turned into a nightmare…and you desperately need advice on puppy training, puppy biting, and puppy care.
  - Your arm is hurting from walking your dog.  You’re afraid that something bad might happen next time…and you need dog walking and k9 training advice.
  -  You're at your wit's end, and you need a dog training program developed by a true professional, to deliver results that can only come from a top dog trainer.
Am I close?
It's OK.  It's not your fault.  Many dog obedience training programs sold on the internet are “scams”. The truth is that they are designed by people who aren't true dog specialists; by people hiding behind pin names and false addresses.  And of course, there are no real phone numbers…just fake people claiming to give real advice.
Now here's the deal:
If you can spare 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 56 seconds of your time, I'll show you how to train your dog quickly and easily -- even if you're at your wit's end and you've never had good luck training your dog.
That's how long my special dog training video set is.  And as you watch it, you'll be BLOWN AWAY at how easy it is to train your dog.    

Here are Three Good Reasons to Believe me when I Tell you your Dog can be Mannered Like A Dream

ONE: As a veteran veterinarian with more than 27 years of experience, I have seen the techniques that I teach in this dog training program work on thousands of dogs.


TWO: A countless number of dog owners have signed up to receive my exclusive Dog Training report.


THREE: I'm the only person in the industry that will allow you to keep Fast and Easy Dog Training for FREE if it doesn't work for your dog.

(Nobody else in this industry is willing to put their "money where their mouth is" with a unique offer such as this, on a dog training program like this...)


The truth is this: My system can work for you ... just as it has worked for countless dogs before yours.


·        If you have attempted to train your dog and have had no success, this training program can work for you.

·        If you've sent your dog to dog training schools, paid for them, and he or she still doesn't obey, you’re at the right place.  This dog obedience training program can satisfy your dog training wishes.

·        If you're planning to get a dog and want to experience a good start, this dog training program could be just what you need.

My course can teach you the time-proven and tested Fast and Easy Dog Training System. This system is an easy method that you can follow step-by-step every time you want to train your dog to do a new trick, or stop him from doing any irritating behavior.

This system has been tested, refined, and followed by a countless numbers of dogs. Why is it so popular?  Simply because:


It Works Like Magic


There's no "brutality" in this training for dogs. No yelling, no hitting, no kicking, or anything of the sort. Punishment is not required because the system teaches you how to make your dog want to obey you!

See, what most dog owners don't realize is that dogs actually have a "good behavior trigger" for doing as you say.

And what I mean by this is that your dog has an internal program, an instinct, driving him to obey you. That's simply the way nature has designed dogs.

Dogs have a special mental "good behavior switch,” and when you find it, and activate it, you can actually shape their behaviors.

This "built-in trigger" makes training your dog super-easy to do.


Here's just a taste of what you'll accomplish:


  -  You can put an end to housetraining accidents.

  -  You can stop bad digging behaviors.  

  -  You can stop bad chewing behaviors.

  -  Your neighbors can feel safe when walking past.

  -  You can stop dog behavior that’s worse than a problem child’s.

  -  You can stop your dog from controlling your life.

  -  You can learn to use treats in a productive way (not as bribes).

  -  You can quickly train your dog by using his natural desire to obey you.

 -   You can get fast results by using your dogs den instinct.

  -  You can stop your dog from barking, crying, weeping, howling, and whimpering at night.

  - You can uncover the secret way to get your dog’s training to "stick."

  -  You can teach your dog to walk on a leash at your side, without pulling.

  -  You can uncover the easiest and most effective way for communicating with your dog (and it’s more similar to "normal human" conversation than you may think).

  -  You can discover the easiest and quickest way to stop your dog from barking all night.

  -  You can learn the time-tested way to eliminate your dog's annoying behaviors – from digging in the yard, to jumping, to nipping. This method is based on an easy technique used in k9 training, and it works like a charm.

  -  You can learn a quick trick for keeping your dog off the furniture forever.


And that's just a small sample.

You'll discover much more in this amazing and exclusive training system.

And what's really great is…


You can be Discovering these Extraordinary Training Techniques within the Next 35 Seconds!


You can order my Fast and Easy Dog Training system right now and actually start absorbing these dog training secrets within 35 seconds. Yes, that’s right. WITHIN 35 SECONDS, you can be mastering the dog obedience training techniques that have the power to transform your dog into an angel dog.
That's because I've broken down the entire system into small, easy-to-absorb segments, and designed them so that they'll play right on your computer screen! Get It Here

Here Are Four Bonuses for FREE !
FREE Bonus #1 ($47 Value):Amateur's Dog Book
The original guide of 85 pages was first published in 1920, and has been updated regularly for over 90 years!
FREE Bonus #2 ($97 Value):Home Study Quick Start Guide
This guide was developed to accompany the video training series.
FREE Bonus #3 ($119 Value):Videos Demonstrating Crate Training Techniques

The dog training program’s creator, Dr. Nortey Omaboe, will give you one-on-one instruction in crate training your dog.
You can only find these crate training videos here, and they're yours FREE, as a bonus.

You will need a flash player to view the training videos.  You can download the Adobe Flash Player for free by clicking on the icon above.
FREE Bonus #4 ($47 Value): Crate Training Audio Book
In this exclusive audio book, you’ll hear about the methods that top dog trainers use for successful housetraining and crate training.
You’ll only find it here, and it’s FREE to you.

You will need to have an mp3 player installed to listen to the audiobook.  You can download QuickTime for free by clicking on the icon above.

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